Agricultural Lending

The Mt. Victory State Bank understands farming. Let us help you with a loan specific to your farming needs!

The Mt. Victory State Bank offers a variety of agricultural related loans to purchase or expand a local farm or agribusiness; including, equipment, vehicles, livestock, inventory, land, and facilities. The loan officer and loan committee are farmers and understands farming needs and speak the language.

Revolving Line of Credit Loans

  • Revolving lines of credit provide the borrower flexibility to manage inventories and accounts receivable; in order to, maintain optimal cash flows with seasonal revenues.
  • Revolving lines of credit can permit unlimited draws that can be made in person, by telephone, or online banking.

Agricultural Installment and Mortgage Loans

  • The Mt. Victory State Bank can structure your installment and mortgage loans with monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual payments to better meet cash flows with different revenue streams.
  • Mortgage construction loans can be issued to build new livestock or agricultural-industry buildings. 

Agricultural Short-Term Loans

  • The Mt. Victory State Bank offers very competitive rates for both secured and unsecured short-term loans to farmers and agricultural related businesses. We can help you finance your spring plantings and you can pay us back after you harvest your crops in the fall.

Contact us at 937.354.3171 or stop by our office today for more information!

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